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Golden Valley Vendors
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Kansas City metro area

Healthy Options in Kansas City, MO

Healthy choice options are an important part of our total vending program. We offer a huge assortment of healthy choice options including pretzels, baked chips, veggie chips, granola bars, trail mix, energy bars(Kind Bars, Clif Energy Bars, Nature Valley), 100 calorie packs, fruit and nut items, and Nutri Grain bars, just to name a few.

Our “Healthy Choice” drink selections are second to none. We offer a complete line of Coke and Pepsi selections, as well as many other favorites. These include: Aqua Fina, Life Water, Propel, Gatorade, Lipton Teas, SoBe, Muscle Milk, Dole Juice,Tropicana, Dasani, Minute Maid Juice, Powerade, Vitamin Water, Fuze, and V8 Splash.
As a long time member of the National Automatic Merchandise Association, we have adopted the Balance for Life Program, The Fit Pick Nutrition Program identifies products that meet the 35% 10% 35% standards class 35% calories from fat, less than 10% calories from saturated fat, and less than 35% total weight from sugar.

For more information on Balance for Life Programs visit: www.fitpick.org/nwc